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Martyn Sibley
Image by Martyn Sibley from Martyn Sibley

I interviewed a pretty cool dude a week ago for the Arbitrage. Martyn Sibley is a 29 year old disabled social entrepreneur.

My initial thoughts had been to interview a disabled entrepreneur to inspire other entrepreneurs, disabled or not, by showing people the possibilities. But after reading up a bit more about Mr. Sibley and other self starters with disabilities – there are tons! – I feel these individuals should be an inspiration to everyone.

There are so many amazing people out there that defy the norms of what most of us think is or isn’t possible. The human mind, body and HEART have potentials we can’t even imagine, unless put to the test.

Take Michael Bortolotto for example. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and struggled with a serious speech impediment for many years. Now he’s a professional motivational SPEAKER (whaat!). And he talks about things like bullying in school and the workplace, diversifying work institutions, how to live life on your own terms, kumbaya, and all that good shit.

But Martyn’s story spoke to me on a personal level. His career basically kicked off with his blog and he’s expanded into many other things since. Martyn travels a whole bunch, does all sorts of crazy stuff (scuba diving, flying airplanes, sailing), writes for a magazine, has done guest appearances for the BBC and is consistently posting new content on his blog. And he does it all while spreading a good message: that disabled people can – and should – be able to live a full life, no less than any nondisabled person. Did I mention he was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is in a wheelchair all waking hours of the day? Yeah.

Martyn’s pretty much doing what I want to do. What I would love to do. I’m walking the path he wheeled over a few years back. He’s enjoying life, is his own boss, he WRITES, and he’s doing good with it. So much good.

If you talk to Martyn, he’ll brush everything off like it’s no big deal. And he’ll mean it too. His modesty isn’t for show, it’s a part of who he is. That probably, more than anything else, is what makes him so awesome. He’s living a life most people would envy, and what many other self starters without any physical barriers are struggling to achieve, but he’s done it, and there’s no hot air in his balloon.

So here’s to Martyn, and all the other amazing people like him. If you’d like to know more about Martyn and his story, check out the Arbitrage in a week or two when the article is out, or come back here.

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