Driving in Shenzhen, China

China Traffic
Driving in China

I’m sure there are rules here, but compliance seems to be a matter of choice. There’s no ‘Right Of Way,’ but ‘Any Way You Can.’ Pedestrians walk when the hand says stop. For cars, red might as well be green, yellow, or any other colour of the rainbow. These observations aren’t made on country roads on the city’s fringes, but at major intersections. Intersections around the corner from a police station.

Blind Spots aren’t the driver’s concern. It’s everyone else’s responsibility to avoid being in one when a car changes lanes. It’s especially exciting for passengers. You never know which lane change might be your last.

Speed limits on highways are friendly suggestions, really. Do with it what you will.

I laughed at the sight of a driving school around the corner. At the very least, drivers come out knowing how to start a car. At the most, which pedal accelerates and which slows them down. The final exam must be an all-in affair: surviving a drive around the block results in a pass; a fail may cost you your life and 5000 RMB.

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