Directions to The Top

To The Top

“Hey there, I’m looking for directions.”

“Where’re you heading?”

“I’m trying to get to The Top.”

“Hmm that’s tricky . . . but it’s easier than most people make it to be. Head straight down Faith, take a right on Determination Drive and stay on ‘til you’ve passed Pessimism Place and Cynical Cove. Take the third left on to Conviction Street. Quickly move into the right lane and take Persistence Road North. Careful though; road gets a little rough there. You’ll know you’re heading the right way if you hit Resignation Roundabout. That’s where most folks get turned around, but if you keep straight you should be fine. Follow signs to Perseverance Parkway and you’ll eventually merge onto Hardwork Highway heading North. You’ll be on the freeway for a while, so take it easy and try not to get too worked up about it. The highway eventually forks and you can take left on to the Ego Express, which exits on to Selfish Street. It supposedly gets you there faster, but I wouldn’t recommend it. So keep right ‘til you see signs for The Top, and take the last exit. You’ll know you’re there when you’re cruising down Success Street and you see fields of dreams on either side of you. Depending on the time of the year, they’ll be blooming with fortune and fame. Yes sir, fortune and fame. Looks gorgeous in the sunset.”

“So. . .I pretty much head straight from here?”

“Yeah, it’s as simple as that, but you’ll be surprised at how many folks get lost.”

“Say, how’s the traffic?”

“Well, everyone’s trying to get to The Top. But there’re many ways to get there. Detours and shortcuts of all sorts. I like my way best. It’ll take you a little longer, and you’ll hit more red lights and speed bumps than you’ll ever think possible, but the ride is worth the haul. The highway gets a little crowded from time to time, but some folks are real nice and they’ll nod you ahead. Don’t forget to look back and wave thanks.”

“Of course. Say, where you heading to?”

“Same place you’re going.”

“Want a ride?”

“Appreciate it, but no can do. We all go at our own pace, know what I’m saying? Some of us like to drive hard and fast, others take it slow and easy. Some of us will get there sooner, others a little later, as long as we don’t lose our way.”

“Right. Thanks again, stranger. See you at The Top.”

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