Muneer Huda

Blessed is the person who finds a straight path in life. For most, it is a road full of twists and turns. Blessed is the person who can see his destination from journey’s start. For most, it is a place beyond many mountains and forests.

I graduated with a degree in Environmental Sciences. I once met a man who asked me if I stood in front of bulldozers to protect trees. That’s what he thought my degree was worth. While I’ve never protested the clearing of a forest, I have worked as an environmental scientist, for the government, for private consultants, for universities, and NGOs.

My years as an environmental scientist were informative and insightful. Informative, in that I learned much about the industry. Insightful, in that I learned much about myself. I learned what put a smile on my face, what sped my heart, and what had me up late at night: writing.

Since then, I have been many other things. I have been an editor and a writer for a magazine, a freelance editor, a blogger, and an ESL tutor. Most recently, I have been an English teacher at a primary school. I have taught Chinese children that “how’s it going?” is a phrase of greeting, akin to “how are you?” and should never be answered with “I’m going to the toilet.” I have taught them that “the sky” is an endearing answer to “what’s up?” only until the age of ten.

Beyond simple job titles though, I consider myself to be a storyteller first. And this is my story.

So consider this, reader: if you took 2 minutes of your time to read my story, if you paused on this tab long enough to finish this passage, if the words on this page compelled your eye to move from one to the next, understand what you have done: you have just acknowledged the power of stories. The power of my words.

Contact me if you’re looking for someone to help with a writing or editing project.

Thank you.

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