Editing: Personal Statement for Post-Graduate School Application

Editing services - portfolio - Muneer Huda - picture from Startup Stock Photos

I was requested to edit a Personal Statement as part of my client’s application for post-graduate studies. A Personal Statement, as is in the name, is supposed to show a candidate’s personality. It’s a window into their motivations, passions, and character. It was important that I used my editing services to preserve my client’s personality, and not overwrite it.

I focused on the criteria of the application process: what is the faculty looking for in a potential candidate? What information is essential to convey, and what can be pared down? What traits set my client aside from the competition?

I organized the information in the Personal Statement, pruned information that wasn’t necessary, and changed sentence structures to make the writing flow.

My client was accepted into the post-graduate program of her choice.  She was accepted on her own merits and the strength of her application, of which the Personal Statement was only one part. My job was simply to convey my client’s strong candidacy as clearly as possible.